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Transform your dreams into reality with our bespoke jewelry services. Do you have a unique jewelry concept in mind? Share it with us! Explore our exquisite collection online or visit our store to discover one-of-a-kind pieces ready for immediate shipment. Reach out via text or call for personalized assistance—we can't wait to connect with you.

Work 1-on-1 with real jewelers

Custom Design

Experience the personalized artistry of working 1-on-1 with a custom jeweler, where every design tells a unique story of elegance and individuality. Your vision, their expertise – a timeless collaboration in the world of bespoke craftsmanship.


Over 25 years of experience

Repairs & Appraisals

Trust in a legacy of craftsmanship and precision. With over 25 years of expertise, our jeweler brings unparalleled skill to every repair and appraisal. Your treasured pieces deserve the touch of seasoned hands—where experience meets excellence in the art of restoration and valuation.



Deals On Diamonds

Dazzle in brilliance without breaking the bank! Discover the sparkle of a lifetime with our jeweler, offering the best deals on diamonds. Unveil affordable elegance and exceptional quality as you embark on a journey to find the perfect diamond that matches both your dreams and budget. Elevate your sparkle with unbeatable value at every carat.

  • Lorena Barker

    Vicki and her team have been looking after me for over 10 years, and are without a doubt the best in the industry. They know exactly how to make me feel beautiful, and every visit is a relaxing, fabulous experience.

  • Helen Closs

    I had an amazing experience at Vianna Jewelers. They nailed what I wanted and showed me how to style my hair at home! I'm so happy and will definitely become a regular client. Thank you guys for making me so beautiful.

  • Lilly Brown

    Vianna Jewelers is the best custom jeweler in the city, hands down! I've been to many jewelers, but none of them had the same professionalism and touch as Isabella's team. Highly recommended.